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By: Hattie | October 25, 2016

Financial Solutions for students loans
Financial Advice for Students

Being a student isn’t always the best when all you want to do is spend money and party all night. Well here at Aci Money we will be sharing our amazing top tips on how to save money, so that you can have that stress free, fun night out with your friends.

Get discounts on EVERYTHING!

Have you heard of UNiDAYS? This is an amazing free online platform which helps you save money. UNiDAYS provides discounts on a large variety of stores. From clothing stores to your favourite restaurant’s. These are a few of the stores; ASOS, New look, Just Eat, Adidas and even Apple which give a fantastic discount up to 50% off! UNiDAYS requires no sign up cost and no membership card and the best thing is that it is made entirely for students!


Homemade lunches 


By: Hattie | October 17, 2016

Financial Services for Business Loans
Financial Services for Small Business Loans

Are you looking to apply for a finance loan? Well here are our top tips on what you can do to make process as easy as can be:



Do complete research on the industry that you are planning to venture or enter in. Understand the product, the current market situation, the competitors and how other businesses operate. If you are not sure, please change your business idea or rework on it.


Business plan:

Make sure you have a complete business plan ready which will cover all the important aspects like objectives, strategies, sales and marketing, and finance. Be flexible in terms of market condition.


Review your Business Plan:

Make sure you get your plan reviewed from an industry expert before presenting it to the funding company. The...

By: Hattie | October 04, 2016

Your credit rating is important -

 it's your own, personal financial identity. 

 Lenders will use your rating as a basis for deciding whether to lend you money, how much to let you borrow, and more importantly, how much interest to charge you. 

There are both short and long term ways to improve your credit rating, as we'll list below:

First, it's best to cover exactly what affects and impacts your credit identity. 

Any of these can damage your rating:

-High levels of existing debt

-Making late payments, or missing payments altogether

-If you get a CCJ (a County Court Judgement)

-If you open credit card accounts that remain unused

-Moving home frequently

-Applying for lots of credit all in one go

There's many ways to improve your rating, both short a...

By: Hattie | September 30, 2016

Everyone knows how expensive family life can be. Whether it's those spontaneous meals out, or the cost of annual school uniforms and the rest, we're here with tips that'll save you some ££.

1. How many times do you hear the question  "What's for dinner?" Here's the answer: Prepare your meals every week. Not only will it save you money, it'll remove  the endless questions about dinner. In your weekly shop, buy everything in bulk.. That way you save time and money. For example, if you buy a whole chicken it'll easily last you at least a few days.

2.How much time and money do you spend on family trips away from home? Only to spend a large proportion of it travelling and then spending more money on food when you get there? How about sta...

By: Hattie | September 27, 2016

Here at Aci Money, we know how important it is to save money when you can, so we're bringing you these easy top 10 tips every week on a different part of your everyday routine. We'll start with some general tips revolving around your daily routine, and how you can cut out the ££ in the most unlikely of places.

1. In order to save that little bit of money from your water bill, cut your morning shower short by 3 minutes. Every little helps and gradually this will help.

E.G- If you shower for approximately 8 minutes every day, and reduce this to 5, you'd be saving 21 minutes of water and time every week. That equates to 1092 minutes of water every year! Think what you could be doing with that extra bit of money and time...

2. Ladies, this is one...