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Students -

Aci Money now have affordable solutions that will help you out throughout your life at University


We're here for you -

We offer an affordable, fast-approving and stress-free solution that removes the worry

of living expenses at University.

We understand that the cost of university is always on the rise.

Tuition fees have tripled in the last few years, meaning that the cost of living at university has increased.

Rent, books for your course and those unexpected emergency costs - they all add up, and sometimes you just won't have enough to get by.

Our financial solution is tailored to you. We take into account that you may have a low credit score, or you're not earning whilst you're at university, so we ask one thing - a guarantor.

We're leading in the market because of our flexibility and our understanding.


We offer free advice for students who are considering a loan.

We want to make your university journey that little bit easier.

Once completed, one of our advisers will get back to you. Alternatively, should you wish to speak to us, please call 01619890389.