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Personal Guarantee Insurance

Cover for company directors

New to the UK: Personal Guarantee Insurance provides financial security and peace of mind for Company Directors who have given Personal Guarantees for all types of secured Limited Company borrowings.

What does PGI cover?

PGI covers guarantees given in respect of all secured lending to include; bank facilities i.e. overdrafts / secured loans, Invoice Finance, Asset Finance and Property Finance. The insurance will pay out up to 90% of your liability to the lender.

How it Works

The guarantor is protected in the event of the company failing to pay back it's lender. Cover starts at 50% for each guarantor in Year 1 and rises to 90% in Year 5 and subsequent years. Two guarantors can achieve combined cover of 90% in Year One.

The policy can be purchased at any time, either to cover existing guarantees or as additional finance is taken out. The total exposure can be reviewed on an annual basis.

How Much Does it Cost?

The premium is based on the level of the cover required, typically around 3% per annum.

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