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We're proud to announce that we're sponsoring the

Annual British Red Carpet Awards 2016

12th October 2016

We're SO excited to announce that we'll be sponsoring this prestigious event - the British Red Carpet Awards. It's going to be held in Manchester on December 11th, and it'll be a night of celebration, glitz and glamour.

The aim of the BRCA is to encourage business owners to feel proud of the progress and success their business makes every day, and invite them to celebrate this recognition over an evening filled with laughter, celebration and pride. There's some fantastic charities that will be involved too.

There’s an award that suits any and every business; ranging from ‘Company of the Year’, to celebrating the ‘Best place to Work’. It’s important that every business has the ideal partnership: a strong, forward-thinking and motivated team, along with a passionate and focused leader. Without these two elements, progress will not happen.

If you're interested, please visit their website:, and good luck to all nominees! We'll see you there!


Success! Our Latest Networking Event:

6th October 2016

On the right, you'll see one of our Account Executive's winning a lovely, chilled bottle of Champagne! Now this wasn't the only reason this Networking Event was a success!!

This recent photograph was taken at a Financial Networking Event that took place in Cheadle, Manchester. We all had a great time because of the wide range of exciting new services and products that are on offer. We now have access to flexible mortgage packages that tailor to any specific requirements and cater for anyone and everyone. We're all so pleased here at Aci Money, as it's this exact flexibility that we pride ourselves on. It's these packages that make our job so rewarding. We can now help more people find their dream home.

As well as this greater flexibility, another positive outcome of this Networking event is the efficiency with the decision procedure regarding mortgages, and any financial product alike. Time and efficiency is crucial when handling all financial services, and this is something that all financial companies strive for, though many fail to deliver on. At Aci Money we pride ourselves on this. We believe communication and efficiency are crucial aspects of the process of helping people out financially, and thus bring you the best quality and experience we can.

We're therefore so excited to now bring you a more efficient process and greater flexibility with our mortgage packages, which was made possible by this recent Networking event. We told you that the free Champagne wasn't the only positive to come out of this!


It's time for:


26th October 2016

At Aci Money, we love two things: Charity work and Cake. So we were delighted to become involved in 'Caketober', brought to us by Forever Manchester. It's a fantastic opportunity to eat some cake, and to raise money for local charity organisations. We've been told by Forever Manchester that we've got to be creative. We've got a few ideas in the pipeline, and we've all got our creative heads on in the office to come up with something that's unique! It's a great way to get to know everyone in the offices nearby too.

All of us are pretty excited at the thought of a designated day to eat cake and socialise with the other businesses in our office building. If you fancy popping over to our office and buying some of our homemade cakes, our designated day for Caketober is 26th October!


Aci Money Joins Forces with Forever Manchester:

2nd September 2016

We recently met with the Business Development manager of the Manchester charity 'Forever Manchester'. They fund local community groups for a range of people, and have been around Manchester for over 25 years helping the community.

We really want to help our local community around Salford, and give something back. We're therefore excited to see what opportunities we can become involved in, and are already brainstorming ideas for our Caketober day, where we'll all be baking in aid of raising money for Forever Manchester's local groups in Salford.

Any suggestions, do let us know.


'Aci Partner up with Dubai Telecoms Company 'Connexionz'

16th August 2016

ACI MONEY, a bespoke financial advisory company based in Salford Quays, have recently signed a multi-million pound deal with Dubai Telecoms and Technology Company – Connexionz LLC. This will give Connexionz a national presence in the UK, as offices will be opening shortly in both London and Manchester. The creation of these offices will provide the UK with hundreds of more jobs.

Rohan F Britto, Managing Director of Connexionz, was ‘thrilled at the prospect of opening up Connexionz and our products to the UK’; and praised Aci for their ‘dynamic expertise in business start-ups and continued, professional support’ in the development of his company in both London and Manchester. ACI’s leading expertise will see both companies working closely to develop and promote innovative technological products in the UK. Connexionz already boasts a strong presence in Dubai, and holds valuable contacts with Etihad Airways, Unilever and Mastercard. Through their new partnership with Aci, they are set for a roaring success in the UK through the delivery of these products.

Both companies are leading in their fields, with Connexionz dominating the technological market in Dubai, and Aci the same, with them achieving success as finance advisory specialists, both in Manchester and London. Backed by more than 35 years’ experience, Aci’s expertise lie in both investing and lending, and offer a personal and tailored service to each client and their different needs.

This is a milestone for both businesses: the Management at Aci Money, have strong business connections to Dubai, and henceforth were all ‘hugely excited at the anticipation of working with Connexionz’, whose domination of the Dubai technology department should be defiantly praised. Rohan, of Connexionz, was similar in his anticipation of working with Aci, and flew to Manchester with his team on the basis of a personal recommendation of their ability to deliver invaluable, personal financial guidance to clients. is the trading name of assured capital & investments ltd registered in england & wales No.10283774aci money nor its parent company is regulated by the financial conducts authority, and as such does not offer any regulated advice, but it does refer clients to regulated advisers where required or requested.
aci money is registered with the information commissioners office (ico) for data protection.